Wednesday, November 14, 2007

India Says Army on Alert for Kashmir Terrorist Cells (Update2)

India placed regular army units of measurement on alert in
the state of Jammu and Kashmir, saying terrorist ''sleeper
cells'' have got been activated recently resulting in increased
attacks in the country's lone Muslim-majority state.

''This is owed to developments in a neighbour country,''
Sitanshu Kar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said by
telephone from New Old Delhi today. He didn't elaborate.

Political agitation in neighbour Islamic Republic Of Pakistan ''could spurt
infiltration attempts,'' Lieutenant General M.L. Naidu, vice
chief of regular army staff, said yesterday, according to India's
state-run broadcaster Doordarshan.

Republic Of India and Islamic Republic Of Pakistan have got improved neckties since the nuclear
armed neighbours came close to warfare in 2002, restoring diplomatic
and sporting golf course and cooperating on fighting terrorism and
crime in negotiation that began a twelvemonth later. Pakistan's government
said last calendar month that anti-government protestations sparked by
President Pervez Musharraf seeking another term in business office won't
delay the peace process.

North American Indian military units boosted security along the 742-kilometer
(461-mile) line that splits the district of Cashmere between
India and Pakistan, Naidu said. Terrorist onslaughts by non-Indian
mercenaries increased after remaining low for the past six
months, he said, without giving any details.

Three Wars

The Himalayan district of Kashmir, an country divided
between the states since 1947 and claimed in full by both,
is at the centre of their dispute. Two of the three warfares India
and Islamic Republic Of Pakistan have got got fought since independency from United Kingdom have
been over the region.

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan denies Indian allegations it supplies support for
separatists fighting in Jammu and Kashmir, where a 17-year
insurgency have killed about 50,000 people.

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan is enjoying its best dealings with Republic Of India since
independence, Foreign Ministry spokesman Elijah Muhammad Sadiq said at
a briefing in Capital Of Pakistan on Oct. 23.

The assurance between the states is reflected in October
talks in New Old Delhi where deputations agreed to extend
cooperation on anti-terrorism, including sharing information on
investigations into attacks, he said.

The anti-terrorism panel, put up last November, held its
first meeting after the bombardment in February of the Samjhauta
Express, a railroad train service running between Republic Of India and Pakistan. The onslaught killed 68 people.

Musharraf said in December Islamic Republic Of Pakistan is prepared to give up
its claim to Cashmere if Republic Of India reciprocates and O.K.s self-
governance for the territory. His program includes maintaining
Kashmir's borders, withdrawing military personnel and creating a mechanism
for running the district between India, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and Kashmir.

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