Saturday, November 10, 2007


DEMOCRATS MUST return immigration reins AND drive THE high ROAD
Friday November 9, 7:57 Prime Minister ET

Sen. Edmund Hillary Clinton's illegal in-migration quandary have drawn widespread attending since a Democratic argument in City Of Brotherly Love last month. By waffling on the issue of driver's licences for undocumented aliens, she opened a disputatious conversation that she and her challengers had been trying to avoid.

Some consultants, fearing a backlash, have got cautioned Democrats against speech production out on behalf of illegal immigrants, suggesting a blurred stance less easily dismissed as "amnesty."

They cognize that many electors -- even Democrats and mugwumps -- are uneasy about the immense figure of illegal immigrants, estimated at 12 million, already in the country. They also cognize that Republicans will quarry on that malaise and usage it as a wedge shape as they desperately seek a winning issue in an election that expressions inexorable for the GOP.

Still, here's some counterintuitive advice for the Democrats: Don't hedge. Lead. Bash the right thing. Come out clearly and forcefully for putting illegal immigrants already in the state on a way to citizenship. This is no clip to pare or triangulate. Show some spine. United States is ready for reasoned leading on this issue.

With a couple of noteworthy exceptions, Republican presidential campaigners have got made it clear where they stand up on illegal immigrants: foursquare against. Faced with a nativist vote base, Republican Party rivals have got chosen to rachet up the animus against undocumented workers rather than tamper down their constituents' feverish hostility. Even former New House Of York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who once praised illegal workers for the entrepreneurial plangency they brought his city, have establish his interior Know-Nothing.

This is typical Republican scapegoating. They've used wedge shape issues since the 1960s, when they establish they could woo Southern Whites uncomfortable with the civil rights motion by stoking their latent prejudices. They're using a similar scheme to whipping boy foreigners, stoking the fearfulnesses of Americans harass by globalization, economical disruption and fearfulness of terrorism.

So allow the Republican Party be the political party of fearfulness and division. Democrats ought to stand up for something else. The modern Democratic Party also made its pick in the 1960s, choosing hope over fear, tolerance over division and the darling community over bigotry. After defeating Barry Goldwater, who ran for president in 1964 on a states' rights platform, Lyndon Samuel Johnson backed civil rights measures that were extraordinarily controversial. But that statute law changed the country, abolishing Jim Crow and giving achromatic Americans full citizenship.

This is no clip for Democrats to turn their dorsums on that heritage. United States is too generous and compassionate to throw out billions of productive and otherwise law-abiding people. The state have taken advantage of their labour for decades, and it would be inhumane (and outrageously expensive) to round them up and direct them back.

But Americans also desire to be assured that this is the last clip a wide legalisation option is offered to illegal immigrants. Democrats ought to do it clear that they'll implement the boundary lines and cleft down on employers who engage illegally, a cheaper and more than effectual scheme for addressing the job than edifice fences. After a few CEOs have got done the perp walking for illegal hiring, they'll halt offering occupations to those without proper documents. And when word acquires across the boundary line that U.S. companies have got stopped hiring, those manual laborers will halt coming. They come up for jobs, after all, not jihad.

This is a win-win platform. Not only is it wise and honorable, calling on the peak ideals of a state of immigrants, it can also bring forth triumphs at the ballot box. Last week, Old Dominion Democrats made additions in state and local elections even though the state have been embroiled in fiery argument over illegal immigration. As an analysis by The American Capital Post concluded, vote tendencies didn't profit "those who campaigned the loudest for tough countenances against illegal immigrants."

Let Republicans can take the low road. It won't take them where the remainder of the state desires to go.


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Dookie said...

Supporting illegal immigration is wrong, no matter how you try to sell it. It isn't immigration. It isn't a racial issue. It's not even a gray issue. It's simple logic.

US is for US citizens. We have a perfectly acceptable legal immigration policy and legal labor visas. Otherwise, you are in the US as a criminal.

It's been HUGELY disappointing watching fellow dems take the smarmy road of courting this group as a future electorate. I couldn't be more disgusted at this surrender of principle. On pro-Mexico, pro-illegal immigration issues, this new electorate will be voting anti-US, anti-NC.

The stance of many democrats on this issue is nigh-treasonous. Please reconsider. Ask yourself why you, as a US citizen, are supporting illegal immigration?